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Farm to table Lunch in Wakefield, QC

When you visit Wakefield for the weekend, it is expected that you will explore the village - the board walk, the river, the shops, the restaurants with the amazing patios… but if you’re here for more than a day, you might want to explore beyond the village!

Part of the beating heart that is Wakefield QC, are the incredible surrounding farms! Our community wouldn’t be what it is without them. Not only is it fun to see where the local food is grown, but some of the farms offer delectable lunches (made from scratch with what they grow on site!) Just looking at the food gets me inspired in the kitchen - I literally look at their instagram pictures when I need a boost! If you are in Wakefield for the weekend, try these two farms for a healthy, scrumptious, locally grown lunch 🙂

Only a 6min drive from the village - The best spot for a veggerific meal! If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or just really love veggies, this place is my coup de coeur. Just look at this frickin' salad!

You can order meals and snacks to go (on your way to Lac Phillippe for the day perhaps!?) or stay and enjoy lunch picnic style at the farm - which is how I usually like to enjoy it! You can eat here year round too - salads and farmwiches in summer months, and warming soups and stews during colder months.

In the summer they have tables under a canopy tent, bistro sets near gorgeous flowering shrubs, or you can grab a blanket and cop a squat in your spot of choice. In the winter, bundle up with blankets from the porch, and enjoy your stew fireside.

Go inside, and check out their store while you’re at it! You can buy organic vegetables as well as products from other local farms like eggs, cheese, meat and more. Don’t forget to go upstairs and check-out the handmade goods from local artisans.

A 20min drive from the village - but WORTH IT! The owner, lovingly known as "Fish" in our community - although I haven’t plucked up the courage to ask her why lol - seriously does it all!

She hosts events, like Vintage Clothing Markets, Christmas Markets, various workshops about everything from cooking and fermenting, to sustainable living, to diy macrame and felting. There are yoga classes, farm to table dinners, and somehow she still finds time to cook mouth watering food for lunches at her farmshop on weekends! Follow her on instagram @borealfarmstore - serious food porn alert. She was literally just making homemade ice cream using her own goats milk and honey last week! #fangirl #goals Every week she is cooking up something new and delicious. I’ve never had the same thing twice yet!

In the summer, eat lunch on the adorable patio with views of the fields while sipping on iced hibiscus tea. In the winter, cozy up inside the farmshop among the plants, local handmade crafts, preserves, and other local goodies!

If you’re staying at La Violette Bed & Breakfast and are new to Wakefield QC, or are just looking for a great spot for lunch off the beaten path, visit these amazing farms during your stay!

Cue the river of drool.

Nat :)

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