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Immerse yourself in the lush ecosystem as you paddle through a water labyrinth of beautiful marsh land aboard a paddle boat, board or canoe. See both flora and fauna up close in their natural habitat. Book during the daytime, at sunset, or by moonlight and let your senses experience this adventure in whole new way. In the winter season, enjoy a completely different maze experience all together as you skate along the now frozen waterway.

Watercrafts: To avoid cross contamination of eco-systems, all watercrafts must be rented directly with Eco-Odyssee

Reservations: reserve your dates and book your watercrafts in advance, so you don't miss out

Notable attractions: The Water Maze, Eco-Noctura, Walking Maze, Walking Path, Skating in the Maze, Bows and Arrows, The Persides

To book tickets or for more information, see the Eco-Odyssee website. All photos are credit of Eco-Odyssee.

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