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Parking is on the left when you pull into the driveway (beside the trailers).

Self Check-in:
Self check-in begins at 4pm. The keypad codes will be emailed to you the day of your arrival, at check-in time. If you do not feel comfortable checking in on your own, or will not have access to your email to receive the keypad codes the day of check-in, we will do our best to home to greet you. If we have plans to be out for the evening, we can give you the codes over the phone.

The water is potable, and there will be glasses on the dresser in your room. 


The mini-fridge can be found in the closet in your room.

Coffee & Tea Station:
There is a sideboard in the entrance hallway that has a coffee machine and electric kettle. In the drawers and cupboards of the sideboard you will find napkins, utensils, coffee & tea, wine openers, sugar, salt & pepper, glasses, plates, bowls, and mugs. Milk and cream can be found in the mini-fridge in the closet of your room. Help yourself!

Breakfast is served in your room between 8-9:30am. Let us know what time you would like to eat at, and we’ll bring the trolley by at your selected time. It has sides that fold up to turn it into a table. It can be left in the hallway when you are finished with it. If you haven't already, let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so we can prepare accordingly.

There are many things to do and places to eat in the village, and many more in the surrounding areas. Feel free to download our Guide to Wakefield, or contact us for more specific questions and recommendations as there are just too many to write about here! 

Septic System
We are on a septic system, so please dispose of sanitary products in the trash can as opposed to the toilet.

Central Air/Heat:
As our home is mostly solar passive, when the weather is nice and there is no need for heat or cooling, we sometimes turn off the central air. However if you are uncomfortably hot or cold, let us know and we can turn it back on or provide you with extra blankets or a fan.

Bedding & Towels:
We do not change the sheets and towels daily during your stay, however if you would like the bed sheets changed or require fresh towels after your third night, we are happy to accommodate you. Likewise, if your trash can needs emptied, please let us know, as we do not enter the rooms without your permission to do so. Extra blankets and pillows are available by request if needed. 

Smoking & Pets
Just a reminder that as per our Terms & Conditions, smoking and pets are prohibited at La Violette Bed & Breakfast.

Communal Areas & Televisions:
As mentioned throughout our website, we do not have a communal lounge or dining area. Instead, breakfast is brought to your room for a more intimate dining experience. Guests often bring their laptop or iPad if they wish to watch a movie in bed during their stay. See WIFI details below.

WIFI: The wifi is Morissette, and the password is RosesAreRed16.

Check-out anytime before 11am. As per our Terms & Conditions - unauthorized late check-outs will incur extra fees.

Where to find us: If we're ever not home during your stay, we're usually not far. You can most likely find us in the village, or out hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, or skiing in the nearby Gatineau Park. If you need us, feel free to text or call at 819-230-2271.

For clarification on any of the above information, feel free to contact us at

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