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Serge is also tanned, with a three-day stubble, a typical representative of the golden youth, dressed like Volodya - fashionable, clubbing, branded and unthinkably expensive. My snow-white hundred dollar blouse, pulled up in a striped gangster vest, looked like a starched hospital gown against the backdrop of the Milanese "outfit" of these majors

– How do you know? - Volodya, laughing, pushed away Serge's glass - Ah? .. Well, shoot! From the cabaret came the incendiary sounds of the can-can. The boys threw the chipsoneand turned to the

stage, leaving me bored over the cards. Well, at least they didn’t get up from the table, they sit longer - they lose more, especially since they don’t know how to play blackjack, so they indulge. To tell the truth, in this unpretentious game, the advantage of the casino over the client is small, one to one and a half percent, of course, if the player has no chicken IQ. This is not a state lottery, where the probability of winning is one in a million. But for my majors, the chances of taking at least a dollar out of the casino tended to zero, because their already low IQ had already been drowned in a liter of vodka. Although ... this is a game, everything happens here, even a fairy-tale miracle.



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